The Author

Wings of Paradise follows Peter Forman's initial publication, Flying Hawaii, a Pilot's Guide to the Islands, . Peter's articles have appeared in Hana Hou!, Spirit of Aloha, Air Line Pilot, and Pilot Getaways magazines.

As with many aviators, Peter fell in love with things aeronautical at an early age. He soloed at age 16 and was a flight instructor in college. The author flew for Hawaii commuter airlines in the 70s and 80s, then spent 20 years with a major U.S. airline. Together with his brother Bill, he spent summer vacations barnstorming the Western U.S. in open-cockpit Great Lakes Biplanes.

The Artist

Dave Paulley is no stranger to Hawaii's romantic era of flight. His paintings of Inter-Island Airways Sikorsky S-38s and S-43s have been appreciated by aviation art connoisseurs for years. Dave resides in Osage, Wyoming, where he divides his time between aviation and western art. Check out the artist's web site at .

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